A little about me

My Name is Jay and I totally love all things Fashion.

When I was little I like to play dress up in my mother’s garmets because they were so lush and the fabric was always something that impressed me.

Have you ever looked close at fabric?  It’s amazing how different it is!

My life growing up was  rough because a lot of people would actually make fun of my “lack” of fashion.

I’m not actually lacking any fashion.  What I was lacking then, was money.

Although money doesn’t always have to go with fashion…it does and that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this blog.

Living in Houston as a youngster was tough because (if you couldn’t already tell) not only was not as rich as some of my fellow students and friends, I was also gay.

Coming to terms with being gay was a lot easier than I thought.  It explained a lot to my mother when she found out.  She was always sort of wondering what the heck I was doing in her closet.

Haha! I wonder if “in the closet” came from that.  I literally was in my mother’s closet all the time trying on her high heel shoes and dresses.  I don’t know what it is.  I just love all the fashion.

Men’s clothes are boring …well at least they use to by.

If you know anything, you know there is a lot more going on in women’s fashion than men’s fashion and with a good reason.

Men (attractive to me physiologically) are not really that fashionable. They are angular and abrupt, ,whereas women are smooth, curvy and just way more fun to make clothes for!  They are more challenging because of the curves and are more like walking pieces of art.   Men are more like walking billboards.  Flat and Square.

So, I am a successful Fashionmister…and I wasn’t always that way.  (Remember I said I was poor?  I was…really really poor)

I learned to keep pushing through adversity and listen to my supporters and eventually opened my own little online clothing shop.  It kind of took off and now I’m selling men and women’s fashion items and clothes in a little boutique in downtown Houston.  Pretty cool eh?

So…why am I writing this blog?

I want you to be able to feel like a super star in your skin no matter what type of cash flow you have coming in your home.

My hopes are that by reading this blog, you will come to understand how fashion and all that stuff you see in the movies is fun but not reality and there are a million different ways that you can become your own Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.

You can imagine yourself getting out of a Houston Limousine when you are in Texas and walking up that Red Carpet to some swanky function.

It’s ok to dream!  It’s even better to live a dream.

I’m living mine right now by writing this blog.

Join me as I jump into blogging about fashion and movies!

Let’s do this together! So we can be “Winning!”